Company Profile

Our History

Established in 1989 (Ninghai Brush Factory)

Joint venture with German OSBORN in 1994 (Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd.)

Sole proprietorship in 2004 (New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd.)

Our Factory

Since its establishment 25 years ago, New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd has steadfastly adhered to being"the Leader of Industrial Brush Industry" in China. Driving this pursuit is the highly cohesive manpower team in New Ningbo Power Industrial Brushes Ltd, always sincerely service minded and innovative. We are located in Ninghai Economic Developing Zone, Ningbo City, amidstthe beautiful scenery of the East Sea of China,atthe southern point of economically developed Yangtze River Delta.This is strategically close to the natural port "Ningbo Zhoushan Port", with convenient land-sea-air transportation.


New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd has accumulated rich experience in Chinese Industrial Brush industry and use high technology that is integrated with Research and Development. With the technical strength and production capacity of New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd, it is the Premier Industrial Brushmaker in China.New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd has more than 2000 industrial brushes:such as twistknotted brushes,Crimped wheel brushes,DIY brushes,Abrasive Nylon brushes,tube brushes,Universal hand scratch brushes,End brushes,Tapered brushes, etc.,Our Industrial brushes are widely used in railways, steel, textiles, shipbuilding, aerospace, military, mechanical processing and other industries.Domestic end users in China as well as worldwide recognize and prefer the quality brushes from New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd.We have offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Anshan and other cities in China.Our sales volume ranks first in the domestic industry.Our brushes are sold in more than 40 countries throughout Europe,The United States, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. 


Using advanced German brush-making machines, including the twist knot production

line with dozens of automatic twisting machines, consistent quality industrial brushes

are produced efficiently.Product quality is further improved through product inspection with high-speed rotating machines and dynamic balance tests, and we use jointly developed leading-edge polishing and testing robots to ensure the consistent testing process.We pay attention to all the production details, from the procurement of raw materials to the warehousing, they are checked at various levels.Steel wires undergo strict scientific testing including endurance test,compressive strength test and corrosion resistance test to ensure that each batch of raw materials meet sinternational standards.The company has successively passed MPA safety performance certification,ISO9001 quality management system standard certification, ISO14001 environmental management system standard certification and ISO45001 occupational safety Health management system standard certification.


New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd has been awarded as:

"Zhejiang Cleaner Production Stage Achievement Enterprise",

"High-tech Enterprise", "Ningbo Enterprise Engineering Technology Center",

"Ningbo Famous Brand Product",

"Ningbo Export Famous Brand",

"Ninghai Patent Demonstration Enterprise",

"Ningbo Manufacturing Single Champion Cultivation Enterprise",

and has won the top 50 industrial comprehensive strength enterprises in Ninghai County

for 17 consecutive years.

With these numerous awards, New Ningbo Industrial Power Brushes Ltd.

is truly recognized as a Premier Industrial Brushmaker,

well positioned for further growth with excellence.

Product Application

Welding, steel industry, textile,  auto industry , shipbuilding industry, aerospace, military industry, machining

Production Equipment

Automatic twist-knotted Machine,Automatic crimped segment machine,Automatic DIY brush Machine,Double steel belt winding rolling brush Machine,Automatic Tube brush Machine,Automatically disk brush Machine,wire crimping machine,high-speed rotating machines,wire fatigue testing machine,Universal milling trimmer,Strip brush machine ...

Production Market

HAWK brand has developed agents in Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey.

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