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The application range of wire brush

Wire brush is a kind of for different purposes to select the corresponding model of steel wire, choose different steel wire diameter brush, steel wire has two kinds of straight wire and corrugated wire, the thickness of the wire can be determined according to different needs. There are two kinds: straight yarn and curved yarn.

Straight wire suitable for drilling and hair planting way more brushes, such as wood wire brush, wood handle wire brush, wire brush disc, etc.; Application range and curved wire basically every type of steel wire brush can be used, in particular must be bent wire, spring steel wire brush roller with straight wire, steel wire cannot be measured, after folded in half, and song silk due to its own bending during production can be relatively consistent with nearby brush wire, wire even after such folded and slightly asymmetrical, lean also look not to come out, And so around the surface of the brush roller steel wire is more high density, strong, rust removal and rebound strength.

Wire brushes, especially wire brush rollers, commonly used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plants, consist of a series of stainless steel wire brush rollers mounted on a fully automatic brush polishing machine (brush polishing machine) with high speed operation. The steel wire brush roller rotates at high speed on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip in the opposite direction of the rolling piece motion to remove the scale. The brushed iron sheet is washed off by a closed circulation cooling water flushing system. The thickness of the general wire coil is 1.09-6.35mm, and the renewal cycle of the steel wire brush is updated once for each production of 20,000t sheet or 40,000t steel coil.

Stainless steel ultra-fine elastic steel wire brush is used for cleaning ceramic anilox roller. This is because the hardness of ceramics is much greater than the hardness of steel wire, and the steel wire brush will not damage the ceramic layer on the surface of the anilox roller. Ultrafine elastic copper wire brush is used to clean chrome-plated metal roller, gravure roller commonly necessary cleaning tools, with the use of cleaning agent better effect.

Common specifications 6*14 or 5*14 holes, steel wire material 304 stainless steel wire or ordinary steel wire can be. Each hole is usually inserted with 5 pieces folded in half, and the steel wire extends about 20mm. Ordinary steel wire brush is easy to rust, without use, compared with 304 stainless steel wire made of wood handle steel wire brush quality difference is too much.

Steel wire pipe brush is generally used for industrial pipes, mechanical screw hole cleaning and derusting, polishing cleaning effect, pipe brush process using steel wire or stainless steel wire clip in the middle of two or four strands of iron wire with mechanical twist system.

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